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Sussex Real Estate

About twenty miles northwest of Milwaukee, the Village of Sussex is the 2nd most populous village in Waukesha County.  The first settler of Sussex was Richard Cooling, who ran a blacksmith shop, a general store and was the also the first postmaster.  Named after Sussex, England, the Village was founded in 1843 by Cooling and bricklayer George Elliot and maintained English styles and customs until the end of the 19th century.

The expansion of the railroad brought in many immigrants from Germany, Scotland, Ireland and Scandinavia. Due to the demand from breweries in Milwaukee, hops production dominated the Waukesha area, including Sussex. Quarries were also part of the economic boom for the village and The Halquist Stone Company was started by Swedish immigrants in 1929, supplying limestone to many Milwaukee churches and houses after the second World War, and is still one of the largest companies in the village to this day.

The Village of Sussex was incorporated in September 1924 and had a population of 387.  Since then, the village has seen a steady increase, surpassing 1,000 residents in 1960, 5,000 in 1980 and 10,500 in 2010, with a projected 50% increase by 2035.

The Village of Sussex employees over 7,000 people, with over 2,000 commuting daily from Milwaukee and attributes many of these jobs due to Quad/Graphics moving its headquarters here in 1988.