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Oconomowoc (Town & City) Real Estate

Attracted by the abundant natural resources, members of the Potowatomi and Winnebago tribes first settled in Oconomowoc, calling it “Coo-no-mo-wauk”, meaning where the waters meet. Around 1837 European settlers began laying the foundation for a small town, building a grist mill and the first store, hotel, fire department and library.

By 1875 Oconomowoc was incorporated as a city and the population was nearing 3,000.  The completion of the railroad brought tourists and wealthy vacationers from Milwaukee, Chicago, St. Louis and other Midwestern cities.

With growth came new businesses, many that are still thriving today including the Carnation Company, Brownberry Ovens, Oconomowoc Canning Company and Pabst Farms, internationally known for its purebred livestock.

The downtown area has retained most of its historic 19th architecture and the lakeshores still showcase the Victorian style homes and businesses, many of which are listed on the state and national Register of Historic Places.