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Free Market Analysis for your Wisconsin Home

Free market analysis for Wisconsin homesOnce you arrange to meet with RE/MAX Service First about selling your property in the Waukesha, Lake Country or Milwaukee, WI area, a market analysis will be prepared for your home. There is no charge for this service, just the first of the many advantages offered by our realtors over the competition.

Our comparative market analysis looks at all comparable homes in the area which have sold in the past 6 months (although we can look at any time frame if you require additional information). The report we prepare will show you the original list price and the completed sale price for each property, as well as photos and a description of the properties. From this point, your RE/MAX Service First realtor will help you understand the potential value of your own home.

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Waukesha Realtors Give Sellers a Head Start

Having a good picture of what homes similar to yours are selling for gives us a better idea of how to price your home. If a house is priced too high, it usually languishes on the market. Prospective buyers who see it’s been for sale over 6 months immediately think there must be something wrong with the property. Home sellers in this situation usually resort to markdowns. Unfortunately, when buyers see the price has been reduced multiple times, there is a tendency to think they can get it for even less.

Obviously, none of this is good if you’re trying to sell a home. Fortunately, having an experienced selling agent on your side and a comprehensive market analysis will keep you from making pricing mistakes. Our knowledge of the Wisconsin real estate market combined with the market analysis lets us predict the best price for your home.

Wisconsin House for SaleGetting the Best Price for Your Home

RE/MAX Service First recommend starting with a competitive price, one which will get a lot of interest from prospective buyers. A competitively priced home will always sell faster and closer to its list price than one which is unreasonably priced above other comparable homes.

Real estate values fluctuate, of course. To get the best price possible, you need a realtor who understands where the market is at any given point in time, is able to weigh the value of doing fix up work on your property vs. the potential return on this work, and is skilled at negotiating offers on your home to ensure you get the best price possible.

In short, you need RE/MAX Service First.

Real Estate Sellers with Buying Experience

RE/MAX Service First of realtors have experience representing sellers and buyers. As a result, we know how both sides of the real estate market work. Once we have placed a competitive price on your home, we know how to best deal with potential buyers to encourage a quick sale. Selling your home quickly will mean there is less time for buyers to try to lower the price.

From the moment your home is placed on the market until you hand over the keys, we will do everything to make the sales process understandable and convenient for you. Learn more about RE/MAX Service First today or give us a call.

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