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Buying Homes in Waukesha and Milwaukee Counties for Less

There’s an old saying: “Do what you love and it doesn’t seem like work,” which may explain why John always seems so happy to be working in real estate.

Buying Homes in WisconsinEven when he was employed as a volunteer firefighter and as a police officer, John had an avid interest in real estate, which ultimately led him to a career as a realtor. As a property owner and manager himself, John knows all the ins and outs of buying and selling homes in Wisconsin and loves sharing everything he knows with the buyers and sellers he represents.

Real Estate Agent Waukesha

For first time buyers looking for a team who will take the time to get them up to speed with the whole home-buying process and really looking out for their best interests, RE/MAX Service First is your company. For those who have been around the home buying block before, RE/MAX Service First brings a wealth of real estate experience to the table.

From making sure you’re aware of new properties for sale in Milwaukee areas to pointing out potential problems in a home, the Team is a non-stop advocate at every phase of the home buying process. Their successful negotiating skills often gets you the best possible price. On average, buyers represented by John & his Team often get their homes for 10% below list price.

Protecting Heroes with RE/MAX Service First

As a former police officer, John Gscheidmeier wanted to do something to help those who risk their lives every day protecting Americans. Whether you’re returning from a tour overseas or have just finished a neighborhood patrol, you deserve a hero’s homecoming. Since buying a home is already a hassle, John decided to make it as simple as possible for those who have already sacrificed so much for their country.

Our Protecting Heroes program helps active military, combat veterans and public safety workers in the home buying process with a discount on closing costs. The men and women who serve do not always receive the thanks they deserve, so this is one way RE/MAX Service First could give back to the community.

If you or a loved one is currently serving and overseas, the home buying process is even more difficult. While you search for a home with the help of RE/MAX Service First realtors, we will do everything we can to make the search as smooth as possible from start to finish. Our team will help you find an affordable house in a neighborhood you will love.

Hire a Local Real Estate Agent; You Won’t Regret It 

Moving through the home-buying process isn’t easy. Piles of paperwork, confusing financial processes, and drudging deadlines are just a few of the hoops you must jump through before you can call a house your home. You can’t navigate through this on your own. Wisconsin’s RE/MAX Service First agents provides the right guidance you need to successfully purchase a home. Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or a seasoned house-hunting veteran, having a local realtor on your team guarantees the best results.

1. Hold Your Hand Every Step of the Way

Hiring one of our home-buying professionals makes the entire buying process easier. We lead you through absolutely everything, from your first neighborhood visit to receiving the keys to the front door. The more guidance you receive, the better informed and confident you will be when it comes time to seal the deal.

Our realtors provide an extra set of eyes as well. RE/MAX Service First realtors know what common problems to look for, the quality of the home, and if the price is too high. We then handle everything from negotiating the price to signing the final paperwork.

2. Untangle the Financing Web

There are so many extra fees and dollar signs spun into the housing market web. RE/MAX Service First real estate agents understand all of the ‘fine print’ that forms the bottom line. We are your advocates, explaining what costs go where, keeping you on top of payment deadlines, and answering all of your questions.

Keys to New Wisconsin HousePurchasing a home entails a laundry-list of costs, including:

  • Monthly payment cost
  • Property taxes
  • Closing costs
  • Home inspection fee
  • Lender’s fee
  • Private mortgage insurance (PMI), if needed
  • Utility bills
  • Mortgage payment

As a buyer, you need to know exactly how much is coming out of your pocket. Let us do the calculating for you before you pull out the checkbook.

3. Personalizes Your Home-Buying Experience

White Picket Fence in WisconsinWant a pool in your backyard? How about a finished basement? You know what you’re looking for, and our realtors will go through all our local listings based on your preferences. Unlike national real estate sites, we can listen to your requests firsthand in order to find the house which best matches your dream home. We can balance your desire to have an extra guest bedroom with your need to find a short commute. Or we can suggest an affordable local contractor to install the white picket fence you’ve always wanted.

Locating special features, scheduling showings, arranging meetings with contractors, and staying up-to-date with the housing market is part of what we do. We make your purchasing experience as easy as possible. With us, dreams do come true.

4. A True Master of the Craft

Buying a home is a big decision. Pursuing it on your own without professional help will lead to frustration as you deal with banks, agents, and sellers who are all after different things. Leave it to us at RE/MAX Service First to represent your interests. Each and every one of our experienced realtors will:

  • Negotiate
  • Network
  • Answer questions
  • Save YOU a load of time

Avoid the homeowner headache; set up an appointment with one of our Wisconsin real estate agents today and find your dream home.

4 Surprising Benefits of Buying a Home with a Dual Real Estate AgentDual Real Estate Agent Benefits

The best home buyer’s agents in Wisconsin don’t just specialize in one side of real estate transactions – they are knowledgeable in both buying and selling. RE/MAX Service First is one of the best resources for Waukesha and Milwaukee residents who are interested in selling and buying homes, condos, and properties easily. By choosing a dual real estate agent when buying a home, you receive a number of surprising benefits, including:

  • Fast Communication with Your Agent
  • Finding the Best Bids on Market Listings
  • Having the Most Options in a Restricted Market
  • Saving Money When Buying a Home or Property

Whether you are a first time or seasoned home buyer, your budget and area of interest can leave the market feeling tight, but a dual real estate agent opens your options. Our realtors understand how sellers operate, so we can better negotiate prices in your favor so you can buy the house of your dreams. Many of our past clients have purchased houses at 10% lower than their list price!

Real Estate Agent Waukesha

Choose RE/MAX Service First today to take advantage of the many benefits we offer home buyers thanks to our experience as sellers!

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