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John Gscheidmeier, Waukesha Area Real Estate Agent with Experience and Superior Customer Service

Earning the Business of Wisconsin Home Buyers & Sellers

John Gscheidmeier

They say change is good for the soul. Buying or selling a home is one of the biggest life changes you’ll ever face. The process should be an exciting and enjoyable experience. The right realtor will guide you from start to finish, educating you along the way and providing unwavering representation of your interests.

Realtor John Gscheidmeier spent more than 20 years in law enforcement and, before that, was a volunteer firefighter in communities throughout the Metro Milwaukee area. He brings a service-first attitude to every client relationship. RE/MAX Service First operates on John’s 12 tenets of running an ethical business, rooted in the principles of honesty, integrity and responsibility to serve and protect clients.

The real estate market in Wisconsin is extremely competitive. Most realtors charge unexpected fees upfront and at closing. To prove our dedication to superior client service, RE/MAX Service First believes in keeping costs down while you buy or sell your home. 

Real Estate Agent Waukesha

Real Estate Agent Waukesha

Low Fees with Uncompromising Service

The old adage “you get what you pay for” doesn’t apply to RE/MAX Service First. We’ve built our reputation on providing service above and beyond the expectations of our clients. All of our hard work pays off with outstanding customer reviews and the greatest thanks any client could give, referrals to friends and family.

Of our more than 220 home sales over the past three plus years, most were referrals or repeat business from past clients.

The Highest Prices for Sellers and Lowest Accepted Offers for Buyers

Waukesha RealtorYou might guess we’re nuts about real estate at RE/MAX Service First. Real estate is our passion. We’re the kinds of people who spend our free time searching and analyzing new listings, tracking market changes and closely monitoring economic indicators. If we weren’t realtors, we can honestly say we’d do it for fun.

Our obsession pays off with a two-fold benefit to both home buyers and sellers:

  • Homebuyers who work with RE/MAX Service First pay an average of 10% below list price
  • Homeowners who sell through RE/MAX Service First sell for an average of only 6% below list price

Pay a Fair Market Price for Your New Home

No one follows the local real estate markets like us. We’ll help you find the right fit for your family, with all of the community amenities important to you. When the time is right, we’ll prepare an aggressive purchase offer reflecting a fair price based on conditions specific to the neighborhood, as well as the condition of the property at time of purchase.

Our first objective is to help you find the perfect home. Just as importantly, our second objective is to ensure you’re not blindsided by issues which weren’t disclosed by the seller. Finally, we make sure you never overpay.

School Districts Boundary Maps: The Great Mapping Project

RE/MAX Service First is committed to helping Wisconsin home buyers find the best houses for sale in their preferred school districts. Many growing families make the where-should-we-live decision based on the quality of the school district. Government websites, realtors, and other online resources do a poor job of defining exactly where the borders are. I’m starting an ongoing project: building the best resource out there to help people see the school district boundaries so they can make easier real estate decisions. Check out some of our local districts now:

School District Boundary Maps Wisconsin

View all Wisconsin School District boundary maps.

Competitive Market-Driven Pricing to Sell at an Advantage

Brookfield RealtorOne big mistake many sellers make is pricing their home far above its market value. The big price tag will drive potential buyers away to similar lower-priced options in comparable neighborhoods. Frustration sets in as the overpriced home sits on the market year after year with no movement, until the seller is forced to take a lowball offer.

Competitive pricing gives you an advantage over other sellers in your neighborhood, without undervaluing your property.

Contact RE/MAX Service First today to request a free Comparative Market Analysis for your property. We’ll assess your property’s value based on internal factors (the property itself) as well as external factors (community, nearby schools, economic conditions).

When you’re ready to sell, we’ll list at a price certain to attract competitive qualified offers.

Protecting Those Who Protect Us

RE/MAX Service First believes in giving back to those who have dedicated their lives to protecting others. John Gscheidmeier spent more than two decades as a police officer, dispatcher and volunteer firefighter. He has seen the sacrifices made by those who serve the public and feels it is our responsibility to show our appreciation.

We couldn’t agree more.

As a small token of our respect and admiration, we’ve instituted Protecting Heroes for active military personnel, veterans and public safety workers who sell through our agency. We offer each of our community heroes a discount on their closing costs. It’s the least we can do to honor your service.

Search for Homes for Sale in Metro Milwaukee Today

This is where the fun part begins. Start by searching for homes for sale in Southeast Wisconsin to get an idea of what’s available and at what prices. The next step is contacting the Wisconsin realty experts at RE/MAX Service First.

We’ll schedule a personal meeting so we can get to know each other and determine your needs.

Time to sell? Ask us for your free Comparative Market Analysis.

Whether you’re buying or selling, your RE/MAX Service First realtor will be at your side throughout the entire process, armed with unparalleled market knowledge and a deeply ingrained commitment to service on behalf of our clients.

Get started buying or selling a home in Southeast Wisconsin by contacting the professional realtors at RE/MAX Service First.
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